Multi-Dimensional Evaluation Tools
Unlike most evaluation software that comes primarily with only one evaluation tool or measuring kit. Smartreviews come with 4 evaluation tools and multiple evaluation dimensions from which the company management can choose to evaluate staff.
Smartreviews® comes with over 300 internationally benchmarked competencies and Key Performance Indicators that companies can select from, modify or build upon during implementation: 10 work attitude competencies, 100 multi-departmental technical competencies, 75 Management Level competencies, and 170 multi-departmental Balance Score Card (BSC-based) Quantitative Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

The multi-dimensional evaluations kits provided by Smartreviews ensures that company management will not just be able to monitor and manage staff performance but will also be able to pin-point and deal with actual roots or causes of productivity or lack of it on per staff basis as well as corporately
Work Attitude Evaluation
Smartreviews software comes with a list of 10 research-based work attitude competencies against staff can be periodically evaluated.

Because attitude is the core drivers of behavior within the workplace, consistent quantitative evaluation of work attitude significantly improve staff productivity, while pointing them in the direction of the company's core values and ethics.

All competencies and performance benchmarks can be edited, deleted, added to or customized to meet the company's peculiar core values.
Technical Competency Evaluation
Different departments or units within a company require different technical skills and competencies to perform their functions effectively. Smartreviews allows staff at different levels of the hierarchy within a department to be evaluated on relevant competencies for their unit   as well as ensuring that they are  fairly and equitable evaluated by focusing only on the competencies of functions they are responsible for.

Smartreviews comes ready with over 100 technical competencies based on international professional best practices. Existing competencies can be customized or new competencies can be added based on clients requirements
Management Level Competency Evaluation
Beyond technical competencies staff who occupies supervisory or managerial position need to be evaluated on management level competencies.

This is to ensure that staff can keep improving their managerial capabilities as they grow in their technical and managerial roles.

Smartreviews comes with 75 management competency benchmarks spread over 5 levels of managerial hierarchy in an organization
Quantitative Goals and Key Performance Indicators
You cannot predict when you will arrive at a geographical destination until you  can accurate measure how far you are from the destination. Until performance and productivity is measured and monitored in objective numbers, corporate efficiency and effectiveness cannot be fully predictable nor guaranteed.

Smartreview comes loaded with over 180 Balance Score Card (BSC) based quantitative goal or Key Performance Indicators as well as formulas and data components for different departments of the company. Clients can select relevant quantitative indicators from the list or create their own from scratch.
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